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Assistive technology for long-term care

The Challenge

Today, the aging population and aging society issues have become a priority policies to many governments. However, the complexity of medical and long-term care issue make these problems become tougher and more difficult. With a strong faith that technologies can lead better lives, an innovative research team, led by Taiwanese Professor Lin, successfully developed a “multi-modal health care platform” to solve the usage and environment of long-term care. This assistive technology is designed for nurses, caregivers, doctors and so on. The research team consider the needs of caregivers and beneficiaries during usage, also detected depending on the user's gender, body and life situations to ensure that this product can be applied to each family, and different users. The future will require more researches and innovative aids to deal with a variety of care problems.

Gendered Innovations:

  1. Re-evaluate users’ needs, especially from the user (mostly care workers) and their perspectives and take it into consideration the different roles of women and men among the requirements.
  2. Develop assistive technology by considering diversity of users



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